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Wedding day of Renata and Sarunas

Vilnius. Summer. Hot. Old town. Yorkshire terries. A couple of them. Photoshoot. Bride and groom. Renata. Šarūnas.View full post »

Wedding day of Gintare and Tadas

Sunny day of June in a little city of Jurbarkas. Bride Gintare’s photo session started at the contemporaryView full post »

Wedding day of Karolina and Julius

Domeikava, Kaunas, Kaisiadoriai region… Starting wedding season with a charming and cheerful bride Karlina andView full post »

Wedding day of Sandra and Paulius

Just the middle of a wedding season. Western Lithuania. A tiny town of Vištytis and a beautiful lake bearing the sameView full post »

Wedding day of Milda and Elvinas

Changing weather on Saturday in August can not spoil the festive mood of the newlyweds. Rainy sky and raindrops did notView full post »

Wedding day of Dalia and Vytenis

Just a middle of the summer, yet a rainy day. What is the best way out? A charming newlyweds, a bunch of perfectView full post »

Wedding day of Gintare and Mindaugas

Beginning of a sunny summer in Taurage! 500-year anniversary of the city met young Gintare and Mindaugas with broadView full post »

Wedding day of Laura and Jonas

A mid-summer Friday is a wonderful day for a wedding. Amazing Laura and Jonas did not get bored for a minute. We spicedView full post »

Destination wedding photography

At last, a long awaited idea and a unique opportunity to photograph destination weddings out side usual comfort zone. AView full post »

Wedding day of Monika and Dainius

With a help of their beloved friends, this groom and bride went through two wedding ceremonies in one day, experiencingView full post »

Wedding day of Inga and Sarunas

Summer, South Lithuania, sunny weather, perfect day. Alytus – Lazdijai – Veisiejai. Large genuineView full post »

Wedding day of Ieva and Marijus

The serious, but not less than charming. Unfortunately rain forced to look for alternative photo shoot locations.View full post »

Wedding day of Vitalija and Tomas

Stylish pilot and his bride’s love symphony. A pilot without an airplane? Of course, not! But do not get carriedView full post »

Wedding day of Laura and Kastytis

We have never paid Veisiejai a visit. But this couple is exactly from this little town of southern Lithuania. We hadView full post »

Wedding day of Laura and Marius

Our funniest couple! Its a good mood that had infected all the wedding participants, hope this can be noticed byView full post »

Wedding day of Lina and Vytautas

Touching wedding ceremony, a playful photo session at the Botanical Garden and the National Gallery of Art in Vilnius.View full post »

Wedding day of Ausra and Henrikas

Everything starts and ends in the heart of Vilnius, Hotel “Narutis”. For that special day, we have circledView full post »