Laura and Jonas – Thank you very much for that possibility to re-live the fairy tale wedding moments of that day a dozen times. Every time we look at the pictures, our heart skips a beat. The result has been truly much better that we might have hoped for. Thank you for photographing all the details of that day, as we have missed those due to excitement. Thank you for all of our wishes of the wedding photographs to have come true. Also, for the fact that it was extremely nice to have been photographed and laughed a lot at your sayings, such as “Let’s make some aaaart!”. We are absolutely sure who will be taking pictures at our children’s christening… Thank you! For everyone who is reading this comment – we highly recommend these professional photographers, you will not regret it!







614_450_16pxGintare and Mindaugas – Looks like it was the most mystic and happiest day of our lives. Those events, emotions, greetings, sun, love and us, together with JustFoto team. If it were not for photographers, we would still assume that all that day was just a dream. But now, looking at the pictures, we realize that it was real, emotional and subtle. The team worked not only confidently but also seamlessly and the final result of their work made us sigh with surprise and once again returned us to that wonderful wedding day. Thank you, JustFoto!










Monika and Dainius – Thank you very much to the two excellent wedding photographers for their quality services, from the very first meeting till the day of release of photographs. We were looking for the eyes that would see the world a little differently… and we found Justinas and Kristianas. Today, by looking at our photographs and remembering the day, we have no doubts, that changing the day of our weddings, to have them as our wedding photographers, was the right decision.










Sandra, Paulius and Simukas – We sincerely thank the team of justfoto.lt for amazing pictures !!! It was really fun and easy to work with you, and we felt free and not bounded by the days events… Thank you for your patience, ideas and good mood … Thank you for picturing the most important moments of our day, moments, which we did not even notice during the day’s celebration… Thank you for the photographs, which make us want to watch them again and again, and with each time they become more and more beautiful … Thank you for your sincere work !!! It’s great that we choose wedding photographers not only who do their work well, but commit all of themselves to beautiful photographs… Thank you!









Easy and simple collaboration, professionalism and reliability! The final wedding photographs exceeded all expectations! Thanks again justfoto.lt team and I am sure that we will meet again! ūüėČ












Dalia and Vytenis –¬†We say a big heartfelt THANK YOU for being and doing in life what you do best. We admire your work – you are talented people. Never stop, never run out of ideas. And continue to be the kind as its fun and good to work with you. Pictures of more than amazing! And although now everything seems so fresh when we’ll grow old, your photos will return us to the crazy¬†Gatsby party, where we’ll be able to catch a ride on that yellow school bus one more time…







227_450_16pxThank you, Justinas and Kristianas for the photographs that captured those perfect moments of our wedding day. The end result has exceeded all expectations. It is nice, when photographers dissapear into crowd and do not become major conductors of the event. When looking for a wedding photographer my attention was drawn by several things. I was amazed not only by your previous wedding photographs but also by the necessity to meet and discuss the photography style, themes and locations. Surprisingly, many of the other photographers said that it was not necessary. It is so much fun, when unpleasant surprises can be avoided during such an important day. Grateful, Vitalija and Tomas.








244a_450w_16pxIeva and Marijus Tumosos РTruly amazing photographers, who love their work and have very responsible attitude towards it. We are very happy to have chosen you as our wedding celebration photographers. Despite the big nature tricks, we are very very excited and thankful for the photographs.











Laura ir Marius Treńćiokai:¬†Fantastic photographs. We are extremely happy. Thank you for your patience and wonderful photographs.











349small450_16pxLaura ir Kastytis Stankevińćiai:¬†Thank you for your extremely diligent work! Perfect moments were caught in photographs. You can easily see that the photographers were truly experienced. You are wonderful. Thank you once again!










TRsmall450_16pxVita Rimienńó:¬†I sincerely thank the team of JustFoto for their photoshoots results. We have addressed them for the first time when asking for a family photo session at their studio, we thought that photographing the one-year-old triplets will be a real challenge, but we were very pleasantly surprised – photoshoot time passed imperceptibly fast and smooth, and the results exceeded all our expectations. Therefore, we took the same photographers for the christening of our triplets and once again we were not let down by JustFoto professionalism. We are glad to have discovered you and hope to see you soon.








8228713351_f1817857f3_o450_16pxLina ir Vytautas ŇĹemaitaińćiai: Thank you very much for the wonderful moments caught on¬†camera¬†on our perfect day.¬†We are very grateful for the warm, expressive and best quality images.¬†We believe that after many years, these picture will still excite our hearts, and we know that we chose the best wedding photographers for our day.









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